Money Spells

Symbol for money spellsThese are the most powerful Black Magic money spells available anywhere, they are money spells that work quickly and draw upon the ancient forces to bring you the wealth and riches that you need and deserve.

In accordance with our Kabbalah these spells and rituals must not be available to only the wealthy, and so they are priced in three tiers in order to be accessible to all.


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Basic Money Spell

The first of the money spells is the most basic, for those who cannot afford more, but is infinitely more potent than others you will find elsewhere.

In this spell I will cast a powerful invocation to bring the money that you need to you, whether it is a sudden financial emergency, a long term shortfall, or a desperate situation that you find yourself in.

To cast this spell I simply need your name and exactly what it is that you need.

The cost is a mere £79


Advanced Money Spell

The second of the money spells is far more potent, it is in the order of Hundreds of times more powerful than the first. It is truly one of the most powerful Black Magic money spells in existence.

In this spell I will cast the same powerful invocation to bring the money that you need to you, even if it seems desperate and the wolves are at the door, and then a second powerful spell and sealing ritual will be cast the following night.

The effect is to bind the power of the spell to the incantation and direct all of the energy and magical forces to you immediately, resulting in a far more powerful spell that will often achieve the results you desire much faster than can otherwise be achieved.

In order to cast this spell I simply need your name, and exactly what you need to achieve.

The cost for this most powerful of money spells is a mere £129


The Ultimate Money Spell

The third of the money spells follows the same pattern as the second, except that 7 different and powerful Black Magic money spell are performed on 7 consecutive nights, and I then seal the spell with a binding ritual.

The effect is to produce continuous ripples and tides of powerful forces that will focus on what you need over and over again, before being bound in place by the sealing rituals.

No matter how financially desperate you are, whether you’re about to lose your home, you’ve lost your job or income, need money to pay for bills, your mortgage, or rent, or anything else, this third money spell is so powerful it can transcend all physical barriers and obstacles and could bring you the solution that you need.

In order to cast this spell I need your name and the exact details of what you need.

The cost for this most powerful of money spells is a mere £147


Do not waste your time, efforts, or money on third rate “black magick experts” who do not know what they are doing and who may cause you more financial pain with their meddling efforts.

It is important to remember that Black Magic money spells are not a magical “get rich quick scheme” or a shortcut to wealth, you will only receive what you deserve, and so you must not be greedy.

It is no good for example desiring “all of the money in the world,” or “to be a millionaire,” or “to win the lottery,” these kinds of desires are drenched in negative energy, the energy of desire for the physical over the other planes of existence.

Instead if you are drowning in debt then you might desire to be out of debt. Or you might desperately need to pay your bills, or to pay for car repairs or other unexpected financial emergencies, in which case you would desire to have that money.

In this way you are using Black Magic to create a positive reality out of a very negative existence. This is the essence of Black Magic spells.

That is not to say that you cannot desire to be comfortable each month, to escape from the struggle to survive, and to desire to be better off each month. You can do this, just do NOT be greedy or it simply will not work for you.

You should also consider utilising the power of Black Magic Charms like Pyrites and Citrine.

If you are in financial difficulties then how do you get out of them?

It’s no use turning to the banks who created the problems, they want to lend you money at extortionate rates, if they will lend you money at all.

It’s not a good idea to drag friends or family into the problem, it can create massive problems with the people you care about and love the most.

It is absolutely true to say that it is harder to get from a position of -$10,000 to +$1000 than it is to get from +$10,000 to +$100,000 – once you have money making money becomes a whole lot easier.

So how can you get rid of the demons and problems that have caused you to owe money to others and to be in a financial situation that causes you grief of sorrow?

Black magic may be one answer to your problems. By accepting and embracing the ancient forces and energies you can create a new reality for yourself, getting rid of old debts, money worries, and problems, and replacing them with by planting the seeds of plenty in their place.

Remember however that black magic is not the route to greed, so if you dream of becoming rich simply by ordering this spell it will not work – but if you are living in misery and cannot afford to live, or cannot make ends meet, then the powers of the universe that these powers evoke will come to your aid and solve your issues where it is possible.

Greed is never rewarded, but necessity and the needy are always a priority. Full protection is used with all spells so there can be no side effects.